Isn’t it amazing that when your mind is fixated on something you seem to see that thing popping up everywhere? It makes you think that you should probably be more careful about what you spend your time thinking about…

Failed Entrepreneurs in Africa

Failed Entrepreneurs in Africa

Sunday fun

I am in class at the moment (Sunday lectures – what fun!) and we just had a visit from a student who finished up her MBA last year. Her presentation was title “The OCD guide to getting through your thesis”. It was a real eye-opener and went into a lot of the nuts and bolts of the research process. Here are my top 10 take aways from the talk. Continue reading

The literature

My literature research journey has started with a couple of Google sites (yes, Google and not Google Scholar). I just want to get a feeling about what is out there, what are the people on the street saying about failed entrepreneurs.

Once I have a good overview I’ll move on to the academic literature. Continue reading

10 techniques for generating research ideas

So this is the book we are using as our primary reading for the research topic in the MBA.

I have read the first 3 chapters and I am really finding it useful. Especially if you are a research novice like me. The authors do a good job of helping you better explain the process of academic research and it is filled with great examples and is a very easy read. Well done authors Mark Saunders and Philip Lewis. Continue reading

What a week

The last 2 days have been intense. I have been back in the classroom at GIBS university with two more core MBA modules – Research Methodology & Organizational Development. The research component in particular has been heavy on my mid. I am sure that this will all be helpful in getting my research to the next level, but for now I’m feeling tired. Continue reading

Failure to meet expectations

So I have been thinking more about failure. In particular I want to define what failure is. The thought crossed my mind that this is very much a subjective definition and there is little objective reality called failure. For example many people feel that they only fail if they throw in the proverbial towel. This would seem to indicate that there is some sort of internal competition taking place between the entrepreneur and themselves whereby failure is the admission of defeat. Continue reading

Invidual Assignment Research Topic

Well here it is. I have submitted my individual assignment for the ‘Research Methodology’ course which starts next week. 5 minutes before the midnight cut-off time (as usual).

This is a 2 pager which basically explains what you want to reseach and shows that you have at least started to do something. The GIBS MBA forces you to submit the final research before the end of the year (cut-off for 2014 is 10 November). This is good because it forces you to move. The down side is that you probably don’t have time to do anything more intense than a year will allow.

I was pretty tired when I started drafting this document at 8 pm last night and I was running on sugar, but when I read this now I’m not sure how I came up with this? Continue reading